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职业生涯 advice is always available from the 国家职业服务中心 - see flyer below.


Remember, you now have to stay in some sort of education or training until your 18th birthday. But you do have a number of options for the form this can take. This page helps to explain those options. There are also some very useful downloads at the bottom of the page, 包括海伦·科尔(澳门星际网站之前的职业顾问)在2018年7月的小组会议上为11年级学生做的演讲.


The most popular option is to continue your studies into 一个水平. You can do this at Her原理图el or at another 原理图ool with a sixth form or a sixth form college.  This provides you with the best basis to access university courses, although it's not the only way.

经验丰富的顾问Ray Le Tarouilly就如何以及为什么选择A - level星际游戏平台给出了一些宝贵的建议:

如果你是11年级的学生, 你很可能已经开始思考完成普通中等教育证书考试后要做什么. 这是你人生中第一次, you will have a choice over where you will go and what you will study, 再加上一点思考和细心, you can make the right decisions and avoid making mistakes over your choices. 你们可能知道, the 政府 requires that all young people stay in some sort of learning until age 18. This does not mean that you have to stay on at 原理图ool, but it does mean that you will need to take one of the following options:

  • 一个全日制的大学名额
  • A place at a 原理图ool sixth form full time
  • An apprenticeship (paid job with training) of at least 30 hours per week
  • 每周至少出勤20小时的工作或志愿工作,包括获得资格证书的认可教育或培训

One of the qualification pathways you may be considering is whether to take A levels. These are qualifications taken at 原理图ools that have a sixth form and at many colleges. GCE(普通教育证书)高级(A)水平考试自20世纪50年代初就存在了,所以你的祖父母和曾祖父母可能都参加过.


A级考试并不为你的就业提供培训或准备,但它受到雇主的尊重,仍然是进入大学的标准入学资格. 通过参加A级考试所培养的技能是很有价值的,例如历史或英国文学培养了研究信息和呈现结构良好、有争议的书面作品的技能. 数学可以培养学生解决问题和推理的能力,这些都是雇主认为求职者应该具备的品质. 科学s develop the ability to analyse and present information effectively and so on.


A levels are graded either entirely or mostly by exams at the end of the course, 这取决于主题, with the top grade possible being an A* and the lowest pass an E grade. “U” grade stands for unclassified which is a fail. A levels are not changing to number grades as with GCSE.

They are much more demanding than GCSEs; rather than simply repeating information, 与GCSE相比,你将被要求更多地表达自己的想法,并更深入地学习学科. 文章将会更长,并且需要显示出比在GCSE中遇到的更深入的理解.

被允许学习A级星际游戏平台, you will need at least 5 GCSEs grade C/new grade 5 including 英语 language and mathematics, 对于A级的某些科目,你至少需要在GCSE中获得B级/新的6级,例如如果打算学习一门语言, 科学或数学达到A级水平. Check college and sixth form websites or prospecti as they can vary.

Three, sometimes four subjects only are studied.

如果你对未来的工作或大学学习不确定,那么A - level考试可以为你争取一些时间, 但重要的是要选择适合你的科目,并结合起来,使你以后的选择最大化.

Reasons for choosing A levels should be based on the following:

  • That you have the ABILITY to take them. 例如, subjects such as sociology or 政府 & politics may be new to you, but you need good 英语 skills as they are essay based.
  • 你对他们感兴趣. A levels will require you to do a LOT more private study, reading etc outside of lessons. Having a passion for a subject will help!
  • That they are needed for the career or university course you want to do. 例如, at least two sciences (usually chemistry and biology) will be required for entry to medicine, dentistry or veterinary science at university.

我应该选什么样的A - Levels星际游戏平台?

Entrance requirements for some university degree courses can be high, so grades achieved at A level can be essential. 在我多年的职业指导工作中,我经常遇到的一个争论是,学生是否应该学习三门科学来进入医学领域. Taking three sciences will potentially open all universities to you, but the majority are happy to accept two, with the third subject being something different. ONLY take three sciences if you are particularly good at them! If, 例如, you are very strong in the life sciences (chemistry and biology), also very good at history but weaker in physics, 你最好选择历史.


Having a broader skillset which can be gained from taking a non-science subject can be a good thing, 例如,通过学习历史,你会培养出很强的书面沟通能力,这在写大学作业时是非常宝贵的.

进入医学界, things that you do OUTSIDE of A level study are also very important, 例如 work experience with vulnerable people, 定期浏览GMC(普通医学委员会)等网站,以了解最新的医学问题,并参加会议 Medlink星际游戏平台 to enhance your understanding of medicine as a career.

If you are focused on a business-based career, it can be tempting to choose all business type A levels such as business studies, 经济与会计. 这是不必要的, 事实上,大学往往更喜欢获得商科学位的学生拥有更广泛的技能.

A language A level is particularly useful for entry to business courses, as sciences and mathematics develop analytical and problem solving skills, 英语 literature or language develop written communication skills, geography strengthens data presentation and analytical skills and so on.

如果你喜欢写作的话, three verbally based subjects can be an attractive proposition, 比如历史, 政府 & 政治学与社会学. But remember that there will be a LOT of reading and essay writing!

The age old nutshell is whether to take A level law for entry to a law degree. If I had been paid £5 for each time I have been asked this question I would be very wealthy! 对这个问题的直接回答是,在大学里学习这一学科没有必要参加A级法律星际游戏平台.


Returning to the question of facilitating subjects, if you take at least two from the following list, 一般来说,你会有更好的机会进入更具竞争力的大学和/或学位星际游戏平台. 辅助科目为:-生物-化学-英国文学-高等数学-地理-历史-数学-现代外语或古典语言-物理.

However, do not lose sight of your aims. 例如, if you intend going into an art/design based degree, then you will need to take a subject such as art & design, likewise music if you intend taking a degree in this subject.

下面的按钮链接到一个非常简单但有效的指南,从哪个大学到哪个a - Level选项可以要求特定的学位星际游戏平台, so if you think you know where you want to be headed, 你可以用这个来重复检查:

罗素大学集团还推出了一个新的a - Level选择检查器,这表明他们现在不再那么强调“促进学科”的概念,而是鼓励更广泛的a - Level选择. 点击 on the logo below to give it a go!

点击 在这里 for six other things you need to know before deciding!

在本页底部还有一些非常有用的关于A - level考试的文件可供下载,其中包括罗素大学集团的“知情选择”指南, 这是一本由前星际游戏平台学生、现为医学本科的扎拉·泽布撰写的a级考试生存指南, guides to choosing 一个水平 for and applying for medicine related degrees, and also some information on other careers that are available in the fields of health and science.

Apprenticeships and School Leaver Programmes

You can apply to do an apprenticeship, and get paid while you learn! 查看本网站的学徒页面,从左侧菜单中选择更多详细信息.


You can do a different course at a college.  This could be a diploma or a vocational qualification such as an NVQ, a City and Guilds or a BTEC.  科尔女士, 学校职业顾问, 我能帮你吗, 在这一页的下方,有一份当地大学星际游戏平台的列表. 





点击 on each one below to go to the college website. Note that Activate 学习 is a group of colleges that includes Reading College. The Windsor Forest Colleges group includes Windsor College, Langley College and Strodes College.

You can also find a list of college open events in the downloads at the foot of this page.












点击 the image below to be taken to the Big Guide for 原理图ool leavers, 包含关于研究生计划的信息, 学徒制, 志愿服务, 技能发展.....如果你打算在年底离开全日制教育(即使你没有离开),这里有很多有用的东西!):


点击这里找到一个不涉及进入大学的离校星际游戏平台(有些要求a Levels)的良好起点网站, 但还是值得一看):



 All courses listed are equivalent to three 一个水平 unless otherwise stated


3级 业务 BTEC Extended Diploma

Available at almost all colleges (not BCA) 
Requires 4-5 grade C GCSEs often including 英语 and Maths at grade C

AAT Certificate leading to the AAT Diploma

AAT Certificate requires 5 GCSEs at grade C including 英语 and Maths

3级 Computing IT Practioners’ BTEC Extended Diploma

Available at Langley, Uxbridge, Reading Colleges
Normally requires 5 GCSE grade Cs including 英语 and Maths

信息 技术 (Software Development) Extended Diploma

Requires 5 GCSE grade Cs including 英语 and Maths


Children and Young People’s Workforce CACHE Diploma 3级

Available at Langley, Uxbridge, Reading, BCA
Requires 5 GCSE grade Cs including 英语

Children’s Care 学习 and Development 3级


3级 Health Studies BTEC Extended Diploma

Available at Langley, Uxbridge, Reading, BCA
Requires 5 GCSEs at grade C including 英语 and Maths


Construction BTEC Diploma Level 1 and 2
Painting and Decorating Diploma Level 1 and 2
lumbing Technical Certificate Level 2 and 3

All of the above are available at Langley College and some at Reading College

3级 BTEC Extended Diploma in Construction

Available at Langley, Richmond Colleges
Requires 4 GCSEs at grade C or above including 英语, Maths and 科学
This is a very interesting course which can lead to HE courses in construction management, 测量, civil engineering or to employment/training in the construction industry


3级 艺术 and 设计 BTEC Extended Diploma

Available at Langley, Reading, Uxbridge and Henley. Requires 4/5 GCSEs including an art and design subject plus a portfolio

3级 Fashion, 设计 and Textiles BTEC 3级 Extended Diploma
3级 Product 设计 and Enterprise BTEC Extended Diploma
3级 Photography and Digital Imaging Extended Diploma



3级 Creative Media Production Extended Diploma
3级 Interactive Media BTEC Extended Diploma
3级 Digital Media Technologies  BTEC Extended Diploma

Entry requirements are 5 GCSEs including 英语.
Available at Langley, Henley and Reading Colleges

3级 音乐 技术 BTEC Extended Diploma
3级 音乐 and Media 技术 BTEC Extended Diploma

Require 4 GCSEs grade C including 英语 and preferably Maths


3级 Performing 艺术s BTEC Extended Diploma

Available at Uxbridge, Langley, Reading Colleges
Requires 4 GCSEs including 英语 and Maths

Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Courses

美容NVQ 2级和3级

Available at Reading and Langley Colleges

美容治疗NVQ 2级和3级

Available at Reading and Langley Colleges


3级 BTEC Extended Diploma in Engineering
3级 BTEC Extended Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
3级 BTEC Sub Diploma in Engineering – British Airways Pre-Apprenticeship
3级 BTEC Extended Diploma in Electrical / Electronic Engineering

They all require 5 GCSEs grade C including 英语, Maths, 科学 and possibly 设计 技术
All (apart from the Sub Diploma) are 3 A level equivalent

Motorcycle IMI Level 1 Certificate and Level 2 Certificate
Motor Vehicle Engineering IMI National Diploma with Motorsport Option

All these are available at Langley College
入学要求从一级摩托车星际游戏平台到包括数学在内的3个GCSE C等级不等, 英语 and 科学 for the National Diploma course

There are also 3级 BTEC courses in Travel and Tourism, Sport and Exercise 科学, Sport Performance and Excellence, Public Services

Available at Reading, Henley, Langley Colleges and BCA


  • 3级 Extended Diploma in Animal Management
  • 3级 Extended Diploma in Aboriculture
  • 3级 Extended Diploma in Countryside
  • 3级 Extended Diploma in Horticulture
  • 3级 Extended Diploma in Horse Management


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